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Maladies a prion ou EST
Microbiological hazards
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Enzymatic preparations
Antibiotic resistance
Hygiene alimentaire
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Microbiological hazards files
Information for drawing up good practice guides

For the purpose of assisting food industry professionals in drawing up good practice guides for hygiene and the application of HACCP principles, new thematic sheets setting out the main microbiological dangers transmissible by food, will be available on the Afssa website. Shorter versions for the general public will follow.
As part of the introduction of the “Hygiene Package” (1) on 1 January 2006, Microbiology CES experts have reactivated the editorial initiative aimed at providing new sheets to professionals in a more suitable format.

(1) Harmonisation of the European regulations aimed at improving food safety by improving hygiene conditions as well as the responsibility of all professionals across the food-processing network.
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