Afssa's Food Quality Information Centre (CIQUAL) supplies and manages the reference databank on the nutritional composition of foods.

The foods contained in this base are "generic". They reflect all foods of the same type (fresh apricot, cooked pasta or pasteurised whole milk, for example) consumed in France. For each food considered, the average composition was estimated by Afssa by combining several well-identified products. Wherever possible, this calculation took into account consumption levels.

Used by the food industry for nutrition labelling and by health professionals (nutritionists, dieticians) to draw up menus and personalised recommendations for their patients, this database is also an important tool for nutritional software designers and research teams working in the field of nutritional epidemiology.

The nutritional composition table resulting from this database is now available online. It is already possible to perform a search by food and a system to perform a search by ingredient is currently being developed.

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The strong points of the 2008 nutritional composition table for foods

More than 1300 foods
Having been added to, in particular, following the INCA 2 survey (Individual and national enquiry on food consumption), the 2008 nutritional composition table for foods contains more than 1300 foods. It is fed to a very large extent by annual analysis programmes led by the Agency, but also by the contributions of numerous partners (manufacturers, inter-professional associations, distributors and professional unions).

The nutritional data sheets provide the contents for 42 ingredients
The range of ingredients covered by the composition table includes energy, major nutrients, fatty acid classes, liposoluble and hydrosoluble vitamins and minerals. The nutritional data sheets provide an average value for these ingredients and, where possible, give additional statistics: lower value, upper value, number of samples. The sources and confidence codes for the data are also indicated.

Documentation for the table
In addition to nutritional composition data, you can also find documentation for this nutritional composition table, frequently asked questions and a detailed description of the conditions for using the data.

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Onlining of the Food Quality Information Centre (CIQUAL) nutritional composition table for foods
22 July 2008
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